From the Houston Police Department:

  1. If exterior lights are not being used at night, exterior motion-detector lighting should be installed to detect the presence of intruders.
  2. Even if it’s only for a short period of time, never leave your garage doors open.
  3. Install 180 to 190 degree eye-viewers/peepholes on all exterior doors for better surveillance.
  4. Leaving personal property in vehicles is an open invitation to burglars. Do not leave any items in parked vehicles.
  5. If parking along the street, do not leave personal items in your automobile. Burglary of a motor vehicle is most often a crime of opportunity. If you take away the opportunity, you reduce the change of being a victim. Most thieves won’t gamble with breaking into a vehicle where they may walk away empty-handed. Remember that they are looking for a “sure thing”. In the majority of these cases, property can be seen by looking into the vehicle.
    1. All residents that choose to park along the street at night should park in well-lighted areas so that their surroundings can be seen from a distance.
    2. Have your car keys ready, look around and under your car and observe other vehicles parked nearby for suspicious persons before approaching the area.
    3. Glance into the backseat and at the floorboards of your car before entering, to check for anyone hiding inside.
    4. If you think someone is following you, do not go home, but drive to the nearest police station, fire station, open gas station or a well-lighted place where there are people who can help.
  6. If you are alone and are approached by a person in the parking lot, do not take any chances by exiting your vehicle. Drive to a well-lighted area where many people are around or drive to the nearest police station (i.e. Westside Police Station, 3203 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX).
  7. Do not double-park. It is difficult for property owners, guests, and first responders to get through when individuals are double-parked.
  8. Consider placing lighting over house addresses so that they are illuminated during night hours. This can be very important. During times of an emergency, we want first responders to assist us in a timely manner.
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