Thanks to everyone who let us know they are enjoying the new website! We have received a lot of encouraging comments about the ease of use, the new look, and new features.

We continue to improve the site and hope to make it even more useful. We welcome your suggestions.

What’s next

Some of the near-term goals for the website include:

  • Establish pages for committees and encourage them to publish news articles and calendar of events, and updates on their activity.
  • Updates from the Board including officer appointments and current issues being addressed.
  • We are working with the Board to provide regular updates regarding monthly financials, meeting notes, monthly reports, and work order activity, etc.

Usage statistics

In the first month of operation, our new website has seen a lot of activity, here are some of the statistics:

Total visitors 140
Total page hits 1573
Email subscribers 17
RSS subscribers 4
Work request submissions 24
Feedback 6


Top Pages:

Home (HTML) 244
Tanglegrove Tells (Journal) 176
Work Request (Form) 89
Downloads (File Storage) 82
Message Board (Discussion) 41
Contacts (HTML) 40
Tanglegrove Tells – Homeowner Survey 36
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 34
Flood Insurance Cost (HTML) 33
Tanglegrove Tells – Estimated Costs for Flood Insurance 2009 31
Board of Directors (HTML) 30
Tanglegrove Tells – Maintenance Requests 29
Calendar (HTML) 26
Results (HTML) 24
Pictures (Picture Gallery) 23
Subscribe to updates (HTML) 23
Tanglegrove Tells – Building Renovations 23
Tanglegrove Tells – What’s new with the website 21
Feedback (Form) 18
Message Board – Doggie Doo 17
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