The period of the corporation's duration is perpetual.


The corporation is a nonprofit, benevolent corporation formed to promote, improve, and protect the health, property, property rights, safety, and general welfare of the residents of "Tanglegrove Townhouses", a condominium located in the City of Houston, Harris County, Texas; and, especially to administer, collect, receive, receipt for, expend, and contract to expend the funds required and assessed for maintenance and common expenses incident to the condominium known as "Tanglegrove Townhouses", and to act as "managing agent“ thereof and therefor with power and authority to encourage compliance with the provisions of the covenants and restrictions and agreements contained in and party of the Declaration and Bylaws of "Tanglegrove Townhouses", and to do or cause to be done all the acts and things therein and therefor authorized and required to be done by such "Managing Agent" of such condominium regime.


The members of the corporation shall be, and the membership of the corporation shall be composed of, the owners of the two hundred twenty—seven (227) individual apartments or "Condominium Units" in the thirty-eight (38) two—story apartment buildings which together comprise "Tanglegrove Townhouses", a condominium regime established under the Condominium Act of the State of Texas, and located in Houston, Harris County, Texas, in accordance with the "Condominium Declaration of Tanglegrove Townhouses", placed and appearing of record at Volume _____, Page _____, Condominium Records, Harris County, Texas.


The manner in which Directors shall be elected is as follows: The owner (or owners) holding record title to each "Condominium Unit" in "Tanglegrove Townhouses" shall own one (1) membership in the corporation and shall be entitled to one (1) vote in electing Directors and in voting on other matters presented to the members for decision. When a "Condominium Unit" or apartment is sold or the ownership and record title thereof transferred in any lawful way, the membership in this corporation relating to said "Condominium Unit" and the right to vote as a member of this corporation shall automatically be transferred with the title to and ownership of such "Condominium Unit" to the purchaser upon such passage of record title, regardless of whether the conveyance (or other devolution of title by any lawful means) does or does not contain words purporting to convey or transfer such membership and whether or not any seller seeks or purports to retain membership or any right thereof. No part of the revenues of the corporation shall ever inure to the individual benefit of any member and no member of the corporation shall ever be entitled to be paid any dividend of any description from the corporation, or to require any distribution of any of the corporate assets.


The post office address of its initial registered office is 2105 Lander Lane, Houston, Harris County, Texas, and the name of its initial registered agent is J. L Philips, 2105 Lander Ln, Houston, Harris County, Texas 77027.


The number of Directors constituting the initial Board of Directors is three (3), and the names and addresses of the persons who are to serve as Directors until the first meeting of the shareholders and until their successors are elected and qualified are:
J. L. Philips 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas
John Blocher 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas
Connie Lukens 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas


The names and addresses of the Incorporators are:
J. L. Philips 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas
John Blocher 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas
Connie Lukens 6415 San Felipe, Houston, Texas


This corporation owns no goods, chattels, lands, right, or credits at this time; consequently, the estimated value thereof is none.


This corporation is a nonprofit corporation and has no capital stock.
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