Ask Before You Alter

According to our deed restrictions an owner shall not make structural modifications or alterations to his/her unit or installations located therein without previously notifying the Association in writing through the Managing Agent. Also, Section 82.061 of the 1993 Texas Uniform Condominium Act goes even further: Alterations of Units; (a) Subject to the provisions of the declaration and other provisions of law, a unit owner:(1) may make improvements or alterations to the owner’s unit that do not impair the structural integrity or mechanical systems or lessen the support of any portion of the condominium; (2) may not change the appearance of the common elements or the exterior appearance of a unit or any other portion of the condominium without prior written permission of the Association. In response to these legal requirements, the Board of Managers of Tanglegrove Townhouse Condominium Association has developed an application form and Revocable License which protect both the owner and the association when any such changes are made. The procedure for obtaining the License is as follows:

  1. When you have finalized your plans for the change, alteration or addition, call your Tanglegrove Townhouse Property Manager for a copy of the Revocable License and application. This form can also be found under “Forms” on this website.
  2. Complete both forms, providing all required data, including the legal description of your home and attaching a photograph, sketch or drawing of the proposed alteration. Include in your attachments a description of materials and method of construction or installation, including construction plans if applicable, of the proposed change.
  3. Send both executed forms to your Tanglegrove Townhouses Property Manager.
  4. Your Tanglegrove Townhouses Property Manager will forward copies of your application to the Architectural Control Committee or designated Board member.
  5. Your Board or Architectural Control Committee representative will contact you to review the application if necessary.
  6. Within the time parameters provided in your legal documents, you will be advised of the Board / Committee decision, or recommendations for change.
  7. You must obtain all permits and licenses necessary to legally complete the work, including recording fees.

The approved Revocable License is recorded with the deed records of Harris County, formalizing the permission granted to you and advising those who conduct a title search of your property that you, and not the association, are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the alteration. The License is also maintained with your association’s archive records. The Revocable License is not a permanent authorization from your association. It can be revoked if the terms of the License are not upheld, such as the requirement for owner maintenance. The recorded License is an excellent means of providing protection to the homeowner against possible misplacement of the approval documents as well as assurance to the association that the approved alteration will be properly maintained.

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