Collection Procedures

There are several documents detailing collection procedures for the association.

Document Dated File Number Notes
Collection Procedures Resolution – Dec 2012 December 18, 2012 Unknown  
Collection Procedures Resolution – Jul 2011 July 21, 2011 Unknown  
Certificate of Resolution November 26, 2008 20080578455 Rescinds X834607
Resolution Regarding Asessments for Violations of Rules and Regulations March 26, 2008 20080146134  
Resolution Regarding Application of Funds March 26, 2008 20080146133  
Collection Procedures September 17, 2007 Unknown  
Policy Resolution of the Board of Managers of the Tanglegrove Townhouse Condominium Association August 10, 2004 X834607 Rescinded by 20080578455
Rules and Regulations: Chapter 12: Rules Enforcement Policy April 5, 2001 Unknown  
Procedures Relative to Collection of Routine and Special Assessments As well as Delinquent Payments December 15, 1997 S773605  
By-Laws May 15, 1974 E154919  
Condominium Declaration May 15, 1974 E154919  
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