Patio Screens and Covers (September 2011)

  1. Materials
    1. Materials should not be vulnerable to rot or wind damage and should have an attractive appearance.
    2. Materials should be metal, such as wrought iron rods, or treated and painted wood planks that match the existing fence materials.
    3. Unacceptable materials include untreated wooden lattice work, wire mesh, plastic or fiberglass sheets or panels and other such materials.
  2. Screens
    1. Screens should be attached to fences in such a way that they can be removed with conventional tools in order to repair fences beneath the screens (unless fences are merely extended upward several inches).
    2. The screens should also be installed so as to allow ready access to patios by the fire department (or others) in an emergency.
    3. Although screens on neighboring fences are discouraged, if a unit owner wants a screen or any other structure attached to a fence that he shares with neighboring unit(s), he must get approval from the neighbor(s) before installing the screen and submit written consent to the Board for approval.

Front Elevation
Side Elevation
Top View
Top View Shadow Box

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