Rules and Regulations (April 2001)

This document was adopted April 2001. Several resolutions have been adopted since and may add to or alter sections of these rules.

Some sections of this page have been renumbered or reformatted from the original document.
Those changes are indicated in each section where this has occurred.
Please download the original if you need to reference section numbers.

    1. Introduction and Policies
    2. The objective of these Architectural Design Standards is to identify criteria, which will promote and maintain a quality of community appearance consistent with the Tanglegrove Townhouses governing documents. These guidelines are developed as tools to provide clear and consistent criteria for modifications to the exterior of our Tanglegrove Townhouses.

      Your Board of Managers appreciates each owner's desire to personalize his or her home; however, the Association is obligated to protect property values and the overall design quality of our community. Historically, communities, which maintain a high quality of appearance consistently, maintain a higher resale value and owner satisfaction than communities that have weak architectural control standards. Furthermore, it is the Board of Managers' obligation to uphold the primary governing documents.

      The deed to every Townhome in Tanglegrove is subject to the Condominium Declaration which:

      1. Establishes the community association;
      2. Requires each owner to pay association dues and assessments;
      3. Requires that each owner, visitor and tenant comply with the governing documents and community rules and regulations. The purpose of these rules is to assure and preserve the enjoyment of its residents overall; and assure and preserve the maintenance, appearance and value of our properties.

    4. All requests for approval for changes to the exterior of a Townhome must be submitted on a Revocable License Application, available by calling your association manager. The Revocable License is not a permanent authorization from your association. It can be revoked if the terms of the License are not upheld, such as the requirement of owner maintenance. The recorded license is an excellent means of providing protection to the owner against misplacement of the approval documents, as well as assurance to the Association that the approved alteration will be properly maintained.

      1. When you have finalized your plans for the change or addition (such as a patio cover, security light, or patio deck), call your manager for a copy of the application and Revocable License.
      2. Complete both forms, providing all data including the legal description of your townhome and attaching a photograph, sketch or drawing of the proposed alteration. Include in your attachments a description of materials and method of construction or installation, including construction plans if applicable, of the proposed change.
      3. Send both executed forms to your manager.
      4. Your manager will forward copies of your application to the proper committee or Board member responsible for Architectural Control for the Association.
      5. The Architectural Control Committee/Board of Managers will contact you to review the application.
      6. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed application with required attachments, you should be advised of the Board/Committee decision, or recommendations for change.
      7. You must obtain all permits and licenses necessary to legally complete the work.
      8. The approved Revocable License is recorded with the Official Public Records of Real Property of Harris County, Texas, formalizing the permission granted to you and advising those who conduct a title search of your property that you, and not the Association, are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the alteration. The Revocable License is also maintained with your Association‘s archival records.
      9. All work must be started within three (3) months of being approved and substantially completed within six (6) months from date of approval. The Revocable License will expire and be revoked six (6) months after the date the change was approved by the Association unless extended in writing.

    6. Any variances or deviations from this Section 1, which could be granted, shall be considered unique and will not set any precedent for future decisions. All such variance requests shall be reviewed on an individual case-by-case basis and the Board of Managers shall govern any determination.

    8. The Architectural Control Committee/Board of Managers shall not be held responsible for the following as a result of the review process:

      1. The structural adequacy or the adequacy of safety features of the proposed improvements.
      2. Compliance with any or all building codes, safety requirements, governmental laws, regulations or ordinances.

      1. If an owner or resident performs any change, alteration, improvement, or addition to a condo without receiving prior written authorization, the owner shall be fined one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month, per occurrence, until the change is approved by the Board. Any work started by the homeowner must stop until the approval process is completed.
      2. If a homeowner or tenant completes changes before submitting an application, the homeowner will be given: 1) notice to cease and desist; and 2) a period of not less than ten (10) days to submit an application or cure the violation.
      3. If the Association rejects the application, the owner shall be required to place the property in the same condition prior to the improvement, alterations or additions being started.
      4. Revocable License Applications may be submitted by hand, mail, or fax to the Association's managing agent.

      1. Townhome Numbers
        1. Must be numbers only (no words)
        2. Not larger than four (4') inches

      2. Door Decorations
      3. Door decorations must be limited to one (1) ornament that the Association considers tasteful and well maintained.

      4. American Flag
      5. An American Flag not to exceed 24' x 36' is permitted between dawn and dusk. Attachment to the building must be done without damaging the building surface. The location of the flagpole is subject to Association approval. Both the flag and the pole must be in good condition.

      6. Seasonal Decorations
        1. Seasonal decorations are allowed within the period ranging from Three (3) weeks before a nationally recognized holiday to one (1) week after the holiday.
        2. Permitted seasonal decorations include interior window trim, Ornaments and adornments and exterior lighting strands that have been properly grounded with the appropriate electrical equipment.

      7. Not Allowed
        1. Lawn ornaments are not permitted.
        2. No vegetable gardens in the common area.
        3. Notwithstanding the approved decorations detailed above, nothing may be attached to the common elements, including siding, trim or brick, without prior written approval of the Association.

    3. No personal property whatsoever is permitted to be left or stored on the common area. All personal property such as toys and sports equipment must be removed from the common area at the end of each day and when not in use.

      1. Solar film may only be applied to the interior of windows. The film must be professionally applied with no visible bubbles or tears.
      2. Only gray, non-reflective film is permitted.
      3. Only storm Windows with matching color frames and clear glass are permitted.
      4. High quality awnings are permitted over doors only.
      5. Windows may be replaced only with identical size/design, without prior written Board approval.
      6. Interior window coverings must present a white, off-white or being appearance when viewed from the common elements.

    6. Owners and renters may place, for their personal use only, up to one-fourth (1/4) cord of neatly stacked, cut and split logs in the patio on a raised non-wood platform located a sufficient distance away from the building structure.

    7. DOORS
      1. Front doors may be replaced only with exterior doors of high quality.
      2. Patio doors may be replaced with high quality French doors.
      3. Metal baked enamel front storm doors that match the color of the front door or trim is permitted. Storm doors must be “full view' style only. Unfinished aluminum storm doors are not permitted. The owner is responsible for maintaining and painting the storm door.
      4. Burglar bars are permitted under the following conditions:
        1. Window burglar bars must be installed on the on the interior of the home
        2. Door burglar bars may be installed only if the installation does not damage or impair the use of the common elements. Door burglar bars may not encroach on limited common or common elements.
        3. Burglar bars must be plain, non-ornamental ½” solid steel vertical bars with full overlap construction.
        4. Wrought iron locked gates may be installed at homeowner's expense on condos having front patio walls.
        5. Screen doors are not permitted.
        6. Garage doors may be replaced only with metal or fiberglass, 4’paneled door.

      1. Owner/Resident may install lighting only within their patio areas.
      2. No owner installed light may shine On another unit without prior written consent of the adjoining affected residents.

    9. PATIOS
      1. Patio improvements may not adversely affect the drainage and water flow of Adjoining townhomes.
      2. No storage of items visible from the common area is permitted in the patio area.
      3. No storage of combustible or hazardous equipment or items is permitted In the patio areas.
      4. Barbecuing is permitted only if the barbecue equipment is used no less than ten (10') feet from the building structure.
      5. Front Patios
        1. No items may be placed on top of the patio-enclosed walls.
        2. No items may be attached to the building walls.
        3. No shading or cold weather protective material will be permitted.
        4. A maximum of four (4) potted plants per entry is permitted Plant post may not exceed sixteen (16") inches in diameter.
      6. Rear Patios
        1. Temporary shading material or cold weather protective material consisting of latticework or screening material designed to shade or protect plants is permitted if attractively installed.
        2. Storage of unsightly material or items is not allowed.
        3. Patio covers
          1. Roofs of patio covers must remain clean and clear of debris.
          2. Patio covers may not affect drainage to neighboring townhornes or the garage roof.
          3. Patio covers must comply with the Association's design specifications, which will be forwarded upon request.

  4. (renumbered)

    1. (Policy for the Common Area)
    2. The common area within Tanglegrove condos is under the authority and control of the Board of Managers and the responsibility for care, replacement and maintenance of the landscape and any changes, regulations, and other items relating to same must have prior approval through the Board of Managers. However, in an effort to encourage the upgrading of our property by individuals, the following policies are now in effect.

      1. General
      2. Owners may, if they so choose, at their expense, replace with prior approval any shrubs, grass, or flowers, so long as approved guidelines for plants and planting is followed. If changes are desired, owners may submit specific plans listing plants to be used and showing where plants are to be placed. The Board of Managers will give written authorization or rejection within 30 days.

    3. Policy for Fronts and Sides of Building
      1. Trees
        1. No trees may be removed without prior approval of the Board of Managers.
        2. Only slow growing, low maintenance trees are approved for planting. This approved list includes but is not limited to Crepe Myrtle, Purple Leaf Plum, Red Bud and Dogwood. These trees provide shade and flowers and are slow growing and easy to contain. No soft wood trees are approved for planting. This list includes Pines, Elm, Arizona Ash, Willows Chinese Tallow and Huckleberry. These trees are fast growing, cause extra maintenance problems and are not easy to contain.
        3. Trees other than those listed above may not be planted closer than 10 feet from any building foundation or 5 feet from any sidewalk.

      2. Shrubs
        1. No shrubs may be removed without prior approval of Board of Managers.
        2. Only slow growing, low maintenance shrubs are approved for planting. This approved list includes: Buford Holly, Chinese Holly, and Upon Holly, Wax Lingustrum, Hawthorne, Azaleas, Photenia, Nandina, Boxwoods, and junipers. Unapproved shrubs are Elagnus and Euonymus.

      3. Other
        1. Approved groundcover includes Liriope, Jasmine, and Monkey Grass. Groundcover may be planted where grass will not grow, under trees, or as borders for beds.
        2. Any annual may be planted
        3. No vines of any variety are permitted in common areas.
        4. No vegetable gardens in the common areas.

    4. Policy for Patios
        1. Trees and Shrubs on Patios: Trees and shrubs on patios are the Owner‘s responsibility and must be maintained to prevent damage to the exterior of and foundations of buildings, concrete sidewalks, and fences. Homeowners can be billed for damage to the exterior of buildings caused by neglected patio landscaping.
          1. Shrub and tree branches must be kept cut back from buildings so as to not touch or collect moisture on siding,
          2. Roots of patio trees and large shrubs that impact on foundation, sidewalks or fences must be removed.
        2. Vines and Bushes on Patio: Must be kept off the exterior of all buildings and off of fences maintained by the Association.
        3. Residents are responsible for watering their own gated areas
        4. All patios must be maintained in a neat, healthy, sanitary and attractive condition.

        The Tanglegrove Townhouse Condominium Association, Inc., Board of Managers, after full consultation with an owner who refuses to act on patio related problems that are in conflict with these rules, reserves the authority to take whatever action is necessary to bring the patios into compliance in the best interest of all owners. Any cost incurred will be passed on to the individual owner.

  6. See also:
    Condominium Declaration (May 1974)
    By-Laws (May 1974)
    Resolution - Parking / Vehicle Policy (April 2008)
    1. The speed limit on all Tanglegrove private streets and alleyways is 15 mph.
    2. Parking next to, or in front of yellow painted curbs, fireplugs, corner curbs and alley entrances is prohibited.
    3. Vehicles parallel parked in the complex must be within 6-inches of the curb.
    4. All vehicles parked on the property must be currently licensed, operable and driven at least weekly. ANY VEHICLE WIIHOUT APPROPRIATE CURRENT REGISTRATION AND INSPECTION WILL BE TOWED.
    5. Trailers, boats, campers, motor homes, or recreational vehicles may not be parked on Tanglegrove streets or driveways for more than 72 hours within a 7~day period.
    6. Resident's cars and trucks are to be parked in the garages and carports provided. An owner or resident shall not be permitted to regularly park a vehicle in a space designated for visitors if the owner/resident has a garage/carport in which the vehicle could be parked but which is being used for some other purpose. If a resident‘s vehicle cannot fit into the carport or garage, or if the household has more than two vehicles, the owner will only park such vehicle in a space designated for visitors with Board approval. The Board reserves the right to inspect garage or carport for approval to be granted. Such approval must be renewed on a semiannual basis and can be rescinded at any time by the Board of Managers. No vehicle may be continuously parked in a visitor space for more than 72 hours.
    7. Parking is permitted on aprons (driveways in front of garages) provided driveways are at least 10-feet in length, sidewalks are not blocked and neighbors are not inconvenienced.
    8. The only items to be stored in carports, except authorized vehicles, are garbage cans and firewood.
    9. Owners of motorcycles and motorbikes are prohibited from making loud or objectionable noises that may disturb other residents of Tanglegrove. Such vehicles shall not be driven on grass or walkways in the common areas and may not be parked on grass or sidewalks. All motor vehicles operated on Tanglegrove common ground must comply with Texas State Vehicle laws and be registered.

    1. Dogs and cats must be restrained on a leash and under the direct control of the pet owner at all times. Animals running loose on the property are subject to restraint by the proper authorities.
    2. A pet owner must remove feces after the pet defecates anywhere within the TANGLEGROVE property and dispose of the feces within the confines of the pet owner's home in an appropriate, sanitary manner. DO NOT dispose feces in sewer drains as this causes cogging and costly repairs.
    3. NO animal may be left unattended or kenneled on a patio, balcony, or carport/garage.
    4. NO animal shall be permitted to how, bark, or make other loud noises for Such an unreasonable time as to disturb neighbors' rest or peaceful enjoyment of his/her unit or common areas.

    1. The Pool opens at dawn and closes at 10:00 pm.
    2. All children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult owner or resident at all times.
    3. No more than (4) guests per townhome, are permitted at any time. They MUST be accompanied by an owner/resident.
    4. NO PETS are permitted in the pool enclosure. If the pool has to be drained and cleaned in accordance with City Health Codes because a pet is found in the restricted area, the owner of the pet will be responsible for this expense.
    5. Safety equipment is for emergency use ONLY. Destruction of said equipment will result in a fine.
    6. If there is an injury in the pool area, any blood must be hosed down immediately away from the pool area.
    7. Volume on radios/audio equipment must be kept low enough to not disturb others.
    8. No running or boisterous conduct is permitted.
    9. Climbing over the pool fence or through the pool fence bars is strictly prohibited.
    10. DO NOT prop the pool gate open to allow access without a key. Secure the gate upon entering and leaving the pool area for safety in accordance with city ordinance, which requires gates to be locked.
    11. Anyone observed damaging the gate would be held responsible and liable for repair expense.
    12. Do not admit anyone to the pool area without a key, that you do not know to be a TANGLEGROVE owner/resident.
    13. No glass containers are permitted in the pool enclosure.
    14. Only swimsuits are to be worn in the pool.

    1. Only a TANGLEGROVE resident may reserve the clubhouse and the adult resident must be present at the event.
    2. There will be a $50.00 nonrefundable usage fee and a $200.00 refundable deposit returnable to the resident after cleanup and key return.
    3. No more than 50 people are allowed at a clubhouse event.
    4. The reservation of the clubhouse does not include the use of the swimming pool.
    5. The reserving owner is responsible for the actions of his guests.
    6. All clubhouse furniture must be returned to its original position.
    7. Clubhouse must be cleaned up by 10:00 am. the day following the event. Trash must be carried away, not put outside the clubhouse to be picked up. Lights must be turned off, windows closed, doors locked and air/heat turned off.

      1. Garage sales or estate sales are not permitted at TANGLEGROVE.

  12. Each resident shall use his/her condo for single-family residential purposes only. As used herein, the term 'single family residential purposes' shall be deemed to specifically prohibit, by way of illustration but without limitation, the use of a condo for any multi-family use or for any business, educational, church, professional or other commercial activity of any type, except that an Owner may, use his/her residence as a personal office for a profession or occupation, provided:

    1. The use is merely incidental to the use of the condo as a residence;
    2. The public is not invited, permitted, or allowed to enter the condo and conduct business therein;
    3. No signs advertising such profession or business are permitted;
    4. No on-site employees are permitted;
    5. No deliveries related to the personal office, profession or occupation are permitted;
    6. No offensive activity or condition, noise and/or odor are permitted;
    7. Such use in all respects complies with the laws of the State of Texas, and the laws, rules, and regulations of any regulatory body or governmental agency having authority and jurisdiction over such matters.

      1. Garbage must be placed inside garbage closets or outside carports in properly closed plastic bags for trash pickup on designated days.
      2. on other days, garbage should be placed in lidded trash containers and stored against an interior wall of the carport Or in garbage closets.
      3. Removal of large bulky items such as mattresses, etc. is the responsibility of the resident.

  14. SIGNS
    1. GENERAL
      1. One sign of any type (i.e. for sale, for lease, political, workman‘s, etc.) may be placed at a residence. Additional signs require written permission from the Board of Managers.
      2. The allowed sign is not to exceed five (5) sq. ft. and must be placed inside a window of the condo if it can be viewed from the street or drive at eye level.
      3. If the sign cannot be viewed from the street at eye level, the sign may be placed outside within 5 feet of the unit with Board approval.
      4. Owners are responsible for informing Realtors about the correct positioning of signs at TANGLEGROVE.
      5. No signs are permitted at entrances to the complex or away from individual units except temporary open house signs during daylight hours.

    1. Every owner, tenant, or guest at Tanglegrove is required to comply with the By Laws and rules of the Association. These exist not to limit the freedom of any one, but to insure that those freedoms don't infringe upon the rights of other residents.
    2. Strict enforcement of our rules is charged to the Board of Managers, which in turn, delegates day-to-day responsibility of the managing agent. Flagrant or repeat violations will not be tolerated, and such violations are subject to warnings and ultimately fines.
    3. If a rule is violated by an owner, a tenant or guest of an owner, or the guest of a tenant, a written notice shall be forwarded to the violator. All notices of violations shall be forwarded to the appropriate owner and or tenant at the most current mailing address provided to the Association by the owner.
    4. The notice shall state the amount of fine to be levied and how frequently the fine will be repeated if the violation continues. The notice shall:
      1. Describe the violation.
      2. State amount of time the owner shall have to cure the violation and avoid a fine.
      3. Notify the owner that a fine will be levied unless the violation is not remedied Within the stated period.
    5. Upon levying the fine, the Association shall give written notice to the owner no later than 30 days after the date of levy. An owner may request a hearing before the Board of Managers to contest a fine no later than 10 days after the date of receipt of notice.
    6. The amount of the fine shall be $50. - $250. If a violation continues to exist, after the period of time given in the written notice to correct the violation, an additional fine in the amount of $5.00 will apply against the owner for each day the violation continues to exist. Fines shall be collected in the same manner as assessments.
    7. All violations of rules of the Association shall be verified by the managing agent or a member of the Board of Managers.
    8. If a violation is a type which may exist for only a short period of time. but on a frequent basis (such as parking or pets violations) the Association through it’s managing agent shall notify the owner of the violation by written notice as stated above. If a similar violation occurs again within the succeeding 12 months a fine will be automatically levied.

    1. Meetings will be set by the Board of Managers.
    2. Homeowners may address the Board in accordance with the following guidelines:
      1. No later than noon on the day preceding the scheduled meeting date, owners must write or fax their request to be placed on the Open Forum Agenda. The request must include the intended topic of discussion.
      2. Owners shall limit presentation time to five (5) minutes during his or her presentation to the board.
      3. An owner may speak only about the topic of discussion detailed in the request to be placed on the Open Forum Agenda.
      4. Owners are welcome as spectators only during the regular business meeting of the board of directors.
      5. Board members will not vote on issues raised during the Open Forum, but may meet in executive session following the regular board meeting to discuss the matters. The Board will come out of Executive Session and re-convene the regular board meeting to vote on issues discussed in Executive Session.
    3. The agenda will include an assigned time period for discussion of each topic.
    4. No action will be taken without a motion and a second.
    5. Only agenda items will be discussed at the meeting.
    6. Informational items will not be discussed at the meeting but will be included in the monthly recap report.
    7. Material distributed at and discussions occurring during the board meeting are confidential and privileged until the minutes of that meeting are approved.
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